Chik Chak 

Contemporary Israeli Street food 

Chik Chak (pronounced Chick-Chuck) is a Hebrew slang word for when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wait. For the team at Golda, they had to move ‘chik chuk’, with the second wave of restrictions impacting Golda’s ability to keep their staff employed. Thus deciding to bring forward their plans for an Israeli street food concept into fruition.

The menu curated by head chef Rotem Papo is inspired by his cravings for delicious Israeli street food in Melbourne. On offer is a mix between traditional dishes like falafel with hummus, pickles and topped with spicy amba sauce or some other less traditional combinations that have become favourites at Golda. The cauliflower shawarma, tahini, sumac onions and coriander or the

pomegranate glazed beef cheek with horseradish aioli, pickled beetroot to name a few. Each dish can be in a pita pocket or plated with freshly baked pita on the side. Also featuring is our range of Chik Chak shakes all of which are vegan and reference our modern Israeli flavours, such as the Yalla with tahini, banana, almond milk & date molasses The menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly and can cater for most dietary requirements.


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